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Log analytics firm Parseable raises $2.75 million from Peak XV's Surge

The Times of India 07 May 2024
Parseable makes use of open-source formats like Apache Parquet and ...

Exclusive: Voltron Data brings new power to AI with Theseus distributed query engine

Venture Beat 01 Dec 2023
Voltron Data, which made its splashy debut in 2022 with $110 million in funding, is all about bringing the power of multiple open source technologies, including Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet and Ibis, together to help improve data access.

Microsoft announces Mirroring, a way to copy databases

Venture Beat 15 Nov 2023
Mirroring essentially allows customers to replicate existing cloud data warehouses and databases into the open source Parquet and Delta formats, for direct use within Fabric’s warehouse experience – ...

Python Pandas creator Wes McKinney joins Posit

InfoWorld 06 Nov 2023
Along with being known for the pandas data analysis library, McKinney has worked on other open-source projects including Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, and Ibis.

How Microsoft Fabric aims to beat Amazon and Google in the cloud war

Venture Beat 06 Jun 2023
This is an open-source file format that is widely used in the industry and that organizes data by columns ...Microsoft has done the right thing here,” said Tony Baer, an analyst at DBInsights, of its embrace of open source.

Microsoft’s data and analytics platform Fabric announces unified pricing, pressuring Google and Amazon

Venture Beat 01 Jun 2023
A singular data lake based on an open format ... OneLake is built around the open-source Apache Parquet format, allowing for a unified way to store and retrieve data natively across databases.

Informatica Announces Integration of its Intelligent Data Management Cloud with Microsoft Fabric

The Joplin Globe 23 May 2023
... identify and gain access to trusted, reliable, quality data through Informatica’s Cloud Data MarketplaceData integration from 200-plus sources into the open and governed OneLake Delta Parquet format.

Microsoft launches Fabric, a new end-to-end data and analytics platform

Crunch 23 May 2023
In part, that’s because the team decided to build the central data lake around the open-source Apache Parquet format, a column-oriented file format for data storage and retrieval.

Databricks acquires Okera to boost its AI-driven data governance platform

Venture Beat 04 May 2023
Xin noted that Nong Li, Okera’s co-founder and CEO, is widely known for creating Apache Parquet, which is an open-source standard storage format that Databricks and the rest of the industry builds on.

Databricks and Hugging Face integrate Apache Spark for faster AI model building

Venture Beat 27 Apr 2023
Traditionally, users had to write data into parquet files — an open-source columnar format, and then reload them using Hugging Face datasets ... own AI models.” Contributing to open-source AI development.

InfluxData releases InfluxDB 3.0 product suite for time series analytics

Venture Beat 26 Apr 2023
Founded in 2012, InfluxData has been developing an open source based time series database, written in the Go programming language ... With InfluxDB 3.0, the database is now making use of the open source Apache Parquet file format.

An open data lakehouse will maintain and grow the value of your data

Venture Beat 25 Mar 2023
Keeping it “open” (using open-source technologies and standards like PrestoDB, Parquet and Apache HUDI) not only saves money on license costs, but also gives your organization the reassurance that the ...

No storage, no cry: Sinking the data storage barrier

Venture Beat 19 Mar 2023
The third stage — modern open-source formats like Parquet and Iceberg, which more effectively collect compressed files — resulted from the fact that the capacity of these databases was outpaced by the data they were tasked to collect and analyze.

TigerGraph Expands Cloud Offering with Powerful New Capabilities to Streamline Adoption of ...

The Galveston Daily News 01 Mar 2023
Simplified streaming data ingestion setup and support for the popular Parquet data format ... Added support for the de facto open source storage format for big data as a data source.Multi-edge support.